postheadericon Abraham Hicks – Speaks about Depression and Anxiety

In this video Abraham speaks about Depression and anxiety. If you are going through a really bad spell in your life or if you do get depressed at times. List…

Video Rating: 5 / 5

Video Rating: 5 / 5

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27 Responses to “Abraham Hicks – Speaks about Depression and Anxiety”

  • excusesbegone:

    You can’t thinkvyour way out of depression

  • Fred Vaessen:

    It’ s hope giving

  • HeidiStock25:

    Thanks for sharing this. I need this today.

  • matthew56541:

    I think the thing about social anxiety is that it can make you feel so alone, but you are not the only person who has struggled with social anxiety. I think it’s so cool you are being so open and sharing about these issues, I think social anxiety can make you feel alienated, and isolated. Especially if you have social anxiety disorder and autism.

  • thomasxawesome:

    Wow what a useless professor this is why I am never going to try to talk out my social anxiety with anybody. What good advice ,”Just interact more”. That’s like telling somebody with anorexia to “just eat more”. People are ignorant to what they don’t understand bro, just know that there are people who know what you are going through. Shy introverted people are targeted in today’s society, what we need is confidence but I don’t know how to get it again (I used to have it).

  • Sarah Norberg:

    Dude I totally and completely feel your pain. My grades in school worsen because I don’t talk during class, ever, and the teachers always pull me aside to lecture me about this. I hope you get through this, I really do. Just stay well, alright? You honestly seem like a great person. I’m such a creeper. But stay strong buddy.

  • David D:

    stay strong bud, and try not be so hard on yourself because thats what most people including myself with Social Anxiety do… and you look fine, a good looking bloke (no homo) lol

  • cherishdeb:

    Dont worry, talk n once ppl get to kno u they will like u. U r your own worst enemy as far as what u blv ppl r thinkin abt u, this is what ive learned. So ignore every negative thought n realize u r loved,. Its a matter of ppl gtg to kno u

  • cherishdeb:

    U dont seem awkward, u seem quiet and deep ….

  • cherishdeb:

    Dont feel bad, just try to get out of ur comfort zone n talk more. Lil by lil. The same thing hpnd to me in college n my first job out of school. My boss called me out in front of everyone. I was mortified!!! I nvr spoke to ne1 after that

  • cherishdeb:

    U r a really handsome guy, focus on ur strengths not ur weaknesses

  • Jimbolalo:

    my life story

  • dankske:

    first off, I dont see anything awkard about you. And i think you should be telling this to your teacher.

  • ahmad azfar:

    Hello, i am malaysian and im not sure im suffering from anxiety or not but in college sometimes i talk to people somtimes i don’t, i just get nervous and stress. I like to talk with people who have same feelings as mine. Sometime i feel happy sometimes i don’t. I dont whats happening to me, im not sure that my parents know about me.

  • shelby1fish2fish:

    I feel like this especially in huge crowds. Most of the time I try to ignore it and tell my self I shouldnt care if people are thinking of me Im not offending or harming anyone and really didnt do anything wrong. But bus rides and large crowds are the worst. I remind myself that “might as well be yourself because awkward or not people will think what they think but you really dont have to care.” I hope this helps a little, it helps me sometimes when im freaking out.

  • oilscout:

    I use to be fairly similar as an early college student. I took a sociology class my freshman year and the class required us to act out social scenarios in front of the class. This in itself gave me so much anxiety that I would skip class. Since then I’ve become a lot more outgoing with the help of college classes. I’m a Architect student and with being in this field we have to have critiques constantly. It takes time to get a good sense of yourself and feel comfortable.

  • lxxxxNOOBxxxxl:

    Fuck that teacher!

  • passdedutch:

    I feel you I get you so much I’m the same way I feel so alone

  • ToughGuyHD:

    Nice video, i’m struggling with the same thing. You should try to talk to just one person or ppl you feel comfortable with, thats’ what i do.

  • Mina Dahesh:

    Hey, you should look into the disability services at your school, if there are. They should be able to give you documentation which you could provide to your seemingly dumbass professor.

  • Sue Ellen:

    Hi there Loner… I hate when people call me “shy” or the quiet one, they don’t understand us at all! I just don’t trust anyone so easily for be outgoing and start talking with them as if I knew them for years!


    Dude people made fun of me all the time for not showing emotion, when on the inside really I was just really self conscious and anxious. That made everything worse and I’m a graduating senior at my HS and I’m going to college this fall. I’m not gonna lie, I’m taking anxiety meds the first day because I jet so anxious when I am faced with meeting people and all that shit. Anyway I went on a rant there, thanks for the vid, I relate to everything you say.

  • selfishconsciousness:

    I’m in my last year of college and i’ve failed the subjects where i had to give spoken presentation.I don’t know if i’m gonna be able to graduate.The worst thing is that all of my teachers are also psychotherapists, psychologists etc.(I’m studying psychology), but they still don’t seem to care or recognize someone with social anxiety.They simply assume i’m a bad student.

    Good luck with your life, mate!

  • starlette098:

    You’re so sweet from what I can tell, not to mention gorgeous. It really takes courage to make these videos. You have that courage, so all this anxiety is hidden within you waiting to run free. I have mild SA and I get you! I have the same prob with group projects or interviews too.
    Stay strong hunny

  • fatbabywabbit:

    One of the many shitty aspects of anxiety is thay sometimes it makes us come off as rude assholes when really it’s just our nature.

  • MrMacleery:

    Ill tell you something really strange, I think about you at least once day because you have a huge heart, you care and are just all around awesome, You’re the other side of this world that is the good, You are up against a world that wants to beat that heart out of you telling you the mindless idiots have it correct, You will figure out soon enough that you don’t need to changing the problem is the world is 99% sociopath and I don’t throw that world around lightly.This world is the shark tank

  • andy popper:

    You should be proud. you are a good looking guy with big heart. Industrial design is very cool. you should ask a nice looking girl for a date. when you are sincere, girls will appreciate that. 

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