postheadericon How to calm a boxer puppy down 2 days after being neutered?

Question by IzzY: How to calm a boxer puppy down 2 days after being neutered?

MY boxer got fixed on tuesday, he has been somewhat calmer the past 2 days…today i can’t get him to listen to me and hes jumping and running everywhere around the house. My vet said to make sure hes calm for at least 3 days. Any tips????
its not healed , when he has stitches that will ripout and did yesterday and bled

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Answer by DEBunker
It’s HEALED!!!!
Don’t freak over a 1/2 inch HEALED boo-boo!

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3 Responses to “How to calm a boxer puppy down 2 days after being neutered?”

  • MamaBas:

    Not easy! I’d not worry overly however as castration is not as ‘serious’ as spay surgery (abdominal surgery). Obviously it’s going to be best if he doesn’t manage to rip his stitches out, but with every day that passes, the healing will be that much more advanced – dogs do heal up fast! If you have a crate, or a pen, that would be best. Certainly rather than allow him to run around the house, jumping etc.- confine him to one room, at least for another few days!!

    I know it’s too late (hah) but it would have been far wiser to delay castration until he was well over a year (assuming he’s not). That way you would have been able to tell whether castration was absolutely necessary (only if he had a retained testicle, in my book). It’s not a substitute for training, and the only given is no puppies. At least by then he might have been calmer. Water under the bridge here – but for future reference?

  • Marie:

    He should be just fine. Look at the incision area and make sure it has not come open. The dog will only do what he can do. He will not hurt himself! He knows his limitations. I know what the vet says but it is to be expected that the dog will go back to normal behavior once it is feeling better.

    If the incision has broke open, keep it clean and if it is really bad take him back to the vet. All in all he should be just fine. If you do not think so, put him in a crate or bedroom to keep him calm. Honestly, if the incision looks good, I just let mine go. I have had 3 male dogs that have all been neutered and they were rowdy type dogs. All good.

  • pruin1:

    My Border Collie pup was brutal when she got fixed…told me the same and two hours into being home she was a tornado again. It will bleed a bit, keep an eye on it for signs of infection, but what I had to remember was that it hurt when she jumped around and what seemed hyper and crazy to me didnt end up doing too much damage in the long run. The dog wont want to feel pain so as hard as it is to watch, it should be fine as they wont push farther then they can. There are internal stiches as well as the ones that you can see…they do a pretty good job. I know its not very helpful but it happens whenever a pup gets fixed. You can try containing to one area of the house (ie. I put a baby gate at the stairs as thats where my BC seemed to be doing the most damage) and see if that helps.

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